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RDS v3.0 Car Bluetooth Device with Audio Receiver, 3.5mm Connector, Transmitter, USB Cable (White)

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The RDS v3.0 Car Buetooth Device enabled this music receiver comes with a In-built Microphone, so you can receive call and enjoy listening to music USB music receiver is powered has a compact body. It is portable and lightweight. This Bluetooth device is easy to use and simpily connected to the music system of your car or other music devices. This bluetooth device is connected in the USB Slot and Aux-in slot with the 3.5mm connector which is included in box. The RDS v3.0 car bluetooth device is a quality product which has a fine output. You need to connect it through the USB slot or a aux slot and use the aux-in cable to connect the receiver to the device you're streaming music from. It supports the A2DP stereo profile. It is use with home, stereo, speakers, car stereos, headphones etc.

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